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The figure above shows gifts to UNC month by month since 1989 from around North Carolina, the United States, and from around the world. Centered over each state, nation, and county is a bubble that shows the relative contribution of that location's donors to the overall total for the month. The larger the bubble, the greater the contribution. The bubble has a maximum radius that starts at about $500,000.00. Above that amount of contribution, the bubble changes color from green to bright yellow. Fully bright yellow bubbles contributed 3 million or more dollars in a single month.

Clicking on any location will show the monthly total for that location as the months progress.

Below the maps is a timeline with a graph representing the total amount of gifts month by month. If a month is plotted by a light green portion, gifts were in the lower half of all monthly gifts totals throughout time. If a month contains a dark green portion, gifts were in the upper half of all monthly gifts totals throughout time.

Clicking on the timeline will take the slider to that spot in the timeline, allowing the user to navigate between months. To stop time progressing, click on the pause button in the lower right corner.