ga_irods - Django+Celery -> iRODS bridge

There are a lot of buzzwords in that title; the gist of what this package does, though, is allow you to write web-scale applications in `Django`_ that connect to an `iRODS`_ data grid. An iRODS data grid is a kind of distributed data store that can be accessed via a specific set of commands similar in nature to the standard unix filesystem tools, such as ls, rm, and so forth. iRODS, however, allows you to do several things you can’t do with a regular filesystem (without a little bit of magic, anyway):

  • Write “rules” and “microservices” that allow you to manipulate data when it is stored, accessed, or at specific times.
  • Add arbitrary metadata to a file
  • Expose the filesystem securely over the internet

This package allows you to access all the filesystem commands as Celery tasks and gives you a base class, IRODSTask that allows you to create new tasks that group together commands.


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